Congratulations on your engagement!

What an exciting time for you and your husband to be!

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Planning a wedding can easily go from excitement to overwhelming in a very short space of time but this really does not have to be the case its just about getting organised from the start. Talking with your fiance from the start about how you both envision the day will give you an idea of all the smaller details you would both like right up to the bigger things so you can put together a budget.

Starting without a firm budget in mind may seem a little tricky but I would start researching and finding suppliers you love and would want to help you on your wedding day and start asking for quotes.

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If you like to be an organised individual then list making is going to be a godsend but if you are really not sure what you should be booking then treat yourself to a wedding planning book which will have categories already set out to help you stay on track, it will also make a lovely keepsake to look back on one day.

The two main things I would suggest you get booked first would be your venue and photographer, and depending on how far in advance you have booked your wedding start looking at dresses as it can take a few months for dresses to be made and then altered.

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Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiration and to create boards dedicated to your big day, you could even create a board and add your bridesmaids to it so they can contribute ideas especially when it comes to outfits, shoes and accessories.

For the photos if you have any styles /poses in mind create a board and send a link to your photographer so they can get an idea of what you would both like from the start to finish. If you have hired a wedding planner you out could also put together an inspiration board and share it with them for the venue styling you like. Online wedding blogs and articles are a great source for ideas, you will definitely be able to pick up some great tips and advice.

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It is important to be kind to yourself throughout the planning and to not get stressed, planning a wedding is a magical and happy time so do not let others interfere if it is not welcomed. Try and plan regular time out and enjoy date nights with your fiance without talking or thinking about the wedding, book yourself some pamper treatments and go and relax with some friends. You could arrange that overdue coffee meet up with one of your friends who has already planned her wedding and been through all the motions of choosing suppliers and booking them to get some sound advice and some peace of mind if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Talking your wedding plans over with someone not directly involved can be really helpful as they will probably have some insight on things that you may have not considered and will likely to have a non-biased opinion too. Remember to enjoy the process and find things to do to keep you stress free.