My Holy Grail Recommended Cleansers

I absolutely love cleansing it is one the most important parts of my skincare routine. Over the years I have tried and used up many cleansers so I feel I can come to you with some great recommendations the cleansers below are are ones I have either repurchased time and time again or are on my list to buy again.

So let's jump in.

First up and my absolute favourite formulas are cleansing balms.

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Emma Hardie Moringa Balm was a discovery of mine 6 years and was an absolute game changer for me, it melts into your skin and removes the most stubborn of eye makeup. A little top tip here this even doubles up as a hydrating face mask! I discovered one Sunday many years ago that by applying a thin layer after a couple of hours my skin drank it up and not only felt amazing but looked amazing. This will always a repurchase for me. It comes with a cleansing cloth which is different on either side and can be used to "buff" off the cleanser to give a light exfoliation.

Key Benefits:

- Restores softness and suppleness.
- Skin appears more radiant.
- Penetrates deep within and locks in moisture. 
- Ideal for skin redness and acne prone skin.

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Next of the balms I highly recommend is the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse, this is a slightly thicker formula but is incredible at removing makeup and giving the skin a very thorough clean. I try not to use this on my eyes and  I find a slight film left on the skin so if you do not like that feeling rinse it off well with a flannel.

Key Benefits:

- Clear, bright, smooth, calm, hydrated skin.
- Skin feels comfortable and silky soft.
-  Reduces tightness with anti-inflammatory omega oils.

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Oskia Perfect Cleanser is a really thick balm and does require some encouragement to come out of the tube but like the other two balms this provides a great skin cleanse. I would probably steer more towards using this in the colder months as it a very rich formula.

Key Benefits:

- Restores and brightens complexion.
- Boosts collagen production. 
- Nutrient-rich formula nourishes skin. 
- Soothes and reduces redness and irritation.

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If you are more of a cream cleanser type of woman then you will love the Elemis Pro Radiance, it is the perfect double cleanse product and will remove makeup with ease, your skin feels amazing after a second cleanse and the best part is the product lasts a long time so you will get plenty of use out this. I am pretty sure you also get a cleansing cloth with this one too.

Key Benefits:

- Deeply moisturises.
- Purifies and balances the skin.
- Defends against daily pollutants.
- Reveals a youthful complexion.

If you like both a balm and cream cleanser and feel torn which way to go then Pixi have just the product for you, the Double Cleanse. The concept is to do your first cleanse with removing makeup or a general clean with the balm and then follow up the second cleanse with the cream that is on the other side of the packaging. It is a pretty good idea and one I suspect other brands will follow suit on. 

Key Benefits:

- Solid cleansing oil easily breaks down and removes dirt, makeup and sunscreen.
- Luxe cleansing cream cleanses and conditions by massaging on the skin to prep for the next steps in your regimen.

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If you are not a fan of either balms or cream cleansers then you could pick up a gel cleanser instead which I find are perfect for using whilst having a shower, mainly for the convenience factor first thing in the morning. 

I have recently started to use the Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser and so far I am liking it, its a hybrid between a gel and a balm but I would say it is more on the gel side. My skin it feels great and provides a good thorough clean.

Key Benefits:

 - Quick and soothing cleanse. 
- Gently removes makeup, (including waterproof makeup) and impurities without stripping skin's moisture.
- Clearer, softer, brighter skin with each use.

Another absolute favourite of mine is the Oskia Cleansing Gel which I tend to reach for if my skin is looking a bit sad and sorry for itself, this cleanser perks it up no end and gives a really good clean leaving my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Not one to use around the eyes again but very impressive with what it does.

Key Benefits:

- Unique gel-to-oil formulation. 
- Strengthens and revitalises skin from within. 
- Ideal for makeup removal and deep cleaning pores. 
- Soothing rose and chamomile fragrance. 

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So that rounds up my recommended cleansers, definitely do a bit  of research and read reviews as we all have different skin types and needs but if you had to pick just one cleanser from my list without a doubt I would say go and buy the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm it is absolutely incredible.

Much Love