Feeling Stuck In A Rut With Your Makeup Routine?

Nicola Louise Makeup

I have been thinking about how I can serve you more recently and one of those areas has definitely been private makeup lessons.

For the last 4.5 years there has only been one type of lesson for you to book, however I know deep down that one size doesn't fit all so with you in mind I wanted to offer options because we all like to have options right?

There will still be a bespoke element to each lesson as there needs to be flexibility for you and the chance for you to get what you want from our time together and to feel like not only have you got value for your money but you have come away with new skills and techniques that you wanted to learn in the first place.

So please let me introduce you to the new makeup lessons available, The Complete Package, Eyes To Mesmerise and Perfecting Your Base.

Makeup Lesson Hampshire

The Complete Package covers absolutely everything from skincare through to creating an eye look and applying your foundation and all the details that follow. The lesson is very much tailored to you and your needs and can be as bespoke as you want it to be.

You will find that this is the royals royce of lessons on offer as you will learn so much and get to use a vast amount of products just for you and your skin type. You may come away feeling like there has been information overload but that's OK because I am always available to contact afterwards for advice.

Our time together will last 2.5 hours and you will even receive a brush set as a big thank you from me for investing in the full lesson. Below is an example of what is included in your lesson but as we go through our time together you will end up picking up lots of tips, tricks and advice.

Nicola Louise Makeup

Makeup Lesson Hampshire

If you just wanted to focus on your eyes then Eyes To Mesmerise has been put together for you if you struggle with creating any eye look, this could be a day to day style, an evening look or something more glamorous. You might even be wanting to master eyeliner and / or brows, you just let me know where you need a little bit of help and a confidence boost and I will tailor our time together specifically to you.

It is amazing how easily it is to define your brows and eyes, there are ways you can make your eyes look brighter, more wide awake and there is even an eyeliner trick you can do to make your lashes look fuller and thicker without even looking like you are wearing eyeliner.

We will have 1.5 hours together to really get you feeling confident and mastering how to achieve what you have in mind.

Nicola Louise Makeup

Makeup Lesson Hampshire

Perfecting Your Base is all about creating a beautiful base without looking heavy and cakey, this is one of my favourite areas of makeup as a lot of women worry that they will look like they are wearing foundation especially when the goal is to achieve a natural look.

There are ways of creating a long lasting even base that brings shape and dimension in a subtle way, once you know how to do this it will completely change the way you apply your foundation.

You will also learn the best way to colour match your foundation which I know can be quite a big challenge for people but trust me there is an easy way to do this and you will wonder how you did not know this before. We will also go over the best way to conceal under your eyes and how to use concealer to top any areas on your face that may need a little bit of extra coverage.

During our 1.5 hours together we will go through how your skin prep really affects the way your base looks and lasts, you will learn how to colour correct any darkness and redness you may have and also how to get your foundation to last all day through to the evening.

Nicola Louise Makeup

If at the end of the lesson you have a few items you would like to treat yourself too then you can pop over to my dedicated page called Nicola Loves which is a list of products I swear by and would always recommend, the page then links you directly to the retailer.

Client Kind Words

Nicola Louise Makeup
Nicola Louise Makeup
Nicola Louise Makeup

Are you resonating with one of the above would like to yourself booked in for a bespoke lesson together?

You do not need to have experience with makeup already you could be a complete beginner or someone that already uses makeup and would like to know better ways to apply it or you could even be feeling stuck in a rut with your current routine, whichever it is I am here to help you.

All of the products used can either be items you already own and would like to learn how to use to their full potential or you can use what is in my kit and potentially find new products to fall in love with or you can have a lesson with a mix of your products and mine.

The lessons are very flexible and completely about you.

Of course there will be a lot of product talk and recommendations made which you can then either pop over to my website to purchase via the retailer or you can treat yourself to a shopping trip. There is no hard sales during our time together as I am not tied to any brand and do not wish to be either, all recommendations are based on products I genuinely love and have used.

If you would like to get yourself booked in or ask any questions you can contact me via my form here.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Much Love