Reasons To Book A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

Makeup Artist Hampshire

You are Engaged which is absolutely incredible, Congratulations!

So where do you start? 

Planning a Wedding is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life, knowing that you will be marrying your true love and setting off on a new adventure together for the rest of your life brings butterflies to my stomach thinking about how romantic it is. 

So where do you start? I think the important thing after setting your wedding date is to research and find the suppliers you want to work with, the ones you resonate with and completely love their vision. A lot of people start with booking the venue, photographer, the caterers, the florist which I completely agree should be the very first important steps of planning but what about the finer details the ones that are going to make you feel and look amazing like the hair stylists and makeup artists?

As a makeup artist we are one of the last thought processes Brides plan but booking as soon as you can will secure you the makeup artist you really want to work with the one whose portfolio and style you love and adore. Believe it or not makeup can get booked up 12 months or more in advance so the sooner you secure your date the less disappointed you will potentially be.

Makeup Artist Hampshire

I completely understand that planning and booking wedding suppliers is a financial commitment and there are some women who do not see the necessity of having a professional booked to do their makeup or even see the value in it but photographs last forever you want your makeup to look flawless and photograph well in all lighting conditions. Being the Bride you deserve the absolute best and stress free morning to your wedding.

Professional Makeup Artists like myself understand how important your Wedding Day is to you, we know you want to feel and look your very best, all eyes are going to be on you as you walk down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams, you want look great during the day and long into the evening and not have a second thought about whether your makeup needs touching up. 

Why You Should Book A Makeup Artist

Let me help you understand why you should be investing in a Makeup Artist, booking a Professional is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Makeup Trial - I automatically include the bridal trial in my pricing as it is very important to both us of that we meet and discuss your vision and how you would like to look and feel on your wedding day. You may or may not be a makeup wearer but you also might feel nervous leaving this in someone else's hands to take care of this is but where the trial comes into its own. You get the chance to meet me and get to know my personality and style first hand, I get to hear how you normally like to wear your makeup and what you have in mind for the wedding day. Together we come up with a look that reflects your personality and you as an individual but what also truly makes you look and feel beautiful.

Skin Care - A Professional will be able to identify your skin needs at your trial and make suitable recommendations on how to best prepare your skin in the run up to your wedding day. We can help you make a plan on how to get your skin in tip top condition which will not only make you look more radiant and beautiful on your big day it will ensure your makeup application is seamless and all the products sit well and last throughout the day.  Skin preparation is absolutely key for how your makeup sits and lasts.

Access to the best products - Makeup Artists will always invest in the best products for their kit, a lot of time researching and money would have been spent to give you the very best experience. I am always looking at ways to improve my kit and carry the most luxurious premium brands, currently my kit is made up of products from Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior , Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Hourglass, Kevyn Aucoin, Laura Mercier and Shiseido  I truly believe that my clients deserve the best and should have the most luxurious experience on their wedding day.

Knowledge Is Power - We know how to make your best features stand out by enhancing key areas with the right products. Knowledge is everything when it comes to your wedding makeup, it certainly is not the same as a normal day to day makeup routine. A Professional knows from years of experience which foundations are best to use especially when it comes to preventing that awful flashback you can get in photos from using the wrong products. Building layers is key to help with your makeup lasting, we know what to use and where during the application process, we know how to frame your face by finely tweaking your brows, we know how to make your eyes stand out and be a true feature to your whole look. 

Confidence - Not everyone wakes up every day full of confidence to some women it does not come naturally. Can you imagine waking up on your wedding day after not booking a makeup artist and having that moment of realisation that it is one of the most important days of your life and you either have to do your own makeup or you have entrusted a friend to do for you because they are good at doing their own makeup but you are not sure if you are going to look as good? Do you really want to take the risk that your photos may not look the best they can be? As Professionals we are here to give you that confidence that you may not have and if you do already have it enhance it even more to the next level. Part of our job is to ensure you look and feel absolutely amazing in fact breath taking, tell me who would not want to feel like that on their wedding day? 

Stress Free - I always travel to my clients whether that be for the trial or for the wedding day it is important to me that you feel as relaxed and stress free as you can be. I create a very calming, relaxing atmosphere which I have been complimented on many times from previous clients and this is something I pride myself on. The morning of your wedding day can potentially be a stressful environment if you allow it to be but with the right team around you they will keep things running smoothly and help you feel pampered and most importantly relaxed so you can enjoy the morning.

You won't regret it - Everyone wants to stand out on their wedding day in the right ways because lets be honest all eyes are going to be on the bride whether you like it or not and hundreds of photos are going to be taken from the moment you put your dress on until the moment the night is over. If you have invested hundreds of pounds on the photographer and the same again on your dress you want to look your absolute best especially when photos are forever, who wants to be looking back on their pictures with regret of not hiring a professional to take care of their makeup. Makeup for photos is a big deal get it wrong and you will not look your best, as a professional attention to detail is absolutely key.

Makeup Artist Hampshire

So Why Book Me?

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love to be a part of a brides morning helping her and the bridal party get ready, it brings me so much joy to be in a room full of so much happiness and love. I take my job very seriously and only want the very best for my clients, I love to bring confidence and empowerment to women, I love women to feel amazing in their own skin, I want women to look and feel the very best version of themselves but in keeping with their natural style, I want women to love the way they look.

You cannot doubt the passion and love I have for my job I am very humbled and honoured to be part of a brides wedding day and it brings me such pride to know that I have helped to make someone feel truly amazing. 

If you have come to end of this post and you are ready to book me for your wedding day or you would like to find out more about me and how I can help you and your bridal party get ready please contact me via my contact form here I would love to hear from you and to make your big day even more special.

Much love

Nicola x

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