Skincare Do's And Don'ts

I would love to share with you some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to skincare as you may or may not have considered some of these before so to get your skin in the best condition it can be have a look at the below.

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Do - Double cleanse especially in the evening, think of the first cleanse as removing the build up on your skin and the second cleanse as really cleaning the skin and removing any build up in the pores.

Don't - Skip your evening cleanse, as we sleep it will transfer to our pillow and will cause the skin to breakout and become unhealthy.

Cleansing your skin day and night is so important not only to remove makeup but to clean away the daily dirt and pollutants that build up during the day.

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Do - Hold a soaked cotton pad on the eyelid for 30 seconds then gently sweep away. To remove mascara sweep in a downward motion.

Don't - Tug and pull straight away rubbing too hard, the skin around our eyes are delicate and being rough will damage the area.

Always remove eye makeup at the end of the day, forgetting or not bothering to remove will result in blocked glands which can then lead on to eye infections.

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Do - Exfoliate once to twice a week.

Don't - Be too rough with your skin if you are using a product with granules as it could damage your skin.

Regular exfoliation is important to remove the build up of old skin cells, as we age our cell turnover slows down so to keep your skin looking radiant, less dull and less bumpy use an exfoliator. If you have sensitive skin or just do not like the feel of a granule exfoliator pick up a liquid version.

Exfoliating your skin will allow skincare products you apply afterwards to really absorb better. 

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Do - A weekly face mask that is suitable to your skin needs and skin type.

Don't - Ignore your skin type and just use any mask.

A face mask is a great addition to really treating your skin, if you have oily or combination skin you may find you suffer with congested skin which results in blackheads and spots, invest in a charcoal mask which draws out the impurities.

For dry and dehydrated skin types using a hydrating mask will plump and add moisture to your skin. 

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Do - Apply a moisturiser in thin layers to give your skin the chance to soak up the goodness.

Don't - Assume you do not need to moisturise, most skin types are dehydrated and need the moisture.

Invest in a moisturiser for your skin type, do not be tempted to skip this step as not only will it help your skin to look plump and healthy it will keep your skin soft and smooth.

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Do - Apply an eye cream with a light finger, do not rub as this can cause damage to the delictae skin around the eye.

Don't - Skip eye creams from 30 years onwards.

As we age we need to put as much hydration into our skin as well as helping to boost the collagen that we gradually start to lose. Did you know that some lines that start to appear around our eyes are dehydration lines as opposed to wrinkles?

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Do - Introduce a night time routine using a cream moisturiser or serums / oils.

Don't - Skip this altogether.

Our skin repairs itself whilst we sleep which is why you hear so much about getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night. To help with the repair process you should nourish your skin which will not only give it a boost of hydration but will help you wake looking and feeling more refreshed.

You can only achieve great skin by investing in yourself.

I hope you found this post useful.

Much Love

Nicola x

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