Makeup Bag Tips

Are You New To Makeup Or Already A Makeup Wearer?

Whether you are new to wearing makeup or you are a regular wearer but have never been sure what to have in your makeup bag then I can help make recommendations for key products that will become your stables as well as great additions if you are fairly satisfied with what you have already. 

I am going to go with the assumption that you already cleanse and moisturise however if you do not I would highly recommend you look into starting a skincare routine as your makeup will apply so much better, skin prep is absolutely essential if you do not want to be left disappointed with how your makeup is turning out. In addition to a cleanser and moisturiser I would recommend that you also pick up an exfoliator and aim to use it one to two times a week to remove the dead skin we all get a build up of.

Product Recommendations

Please do not feel you have to have all of these products in your makeup bag I just wanted to cover all bases so you can pick and choose which you think would work for you.

Primer - If you are finding that your makeup does not last on you but you are still doing your skin prep then a primer could be a a great addition for you. Primers these days come tailored to many skin concerns and types so you should be able to find one that is right for you. Some have been made to provide hydration which is perfect if you have dry skin or dehydrated skin which the majority of us have, you can also get colour correcting primers so if you suffer from redness or dull looking skin these would be great for you, if you have combination / oily skin and find after a few hours of makeup wear you are noticing shine on your face then a mattifying primer would be for you.

CC Cream, BB Cream, Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation - If you have uneven skin tone or skin with imperfections which you want to cover up then you will want to invest in one of these products.

  • CC Cream is a colour correcting cream which will help with any signs of redness on the skin or if you feel your skin looks lack lustre and dull. 

  • BB Cream is a blemish balm very similar in texture to the CC Cream but with added skincare benefits and is perfect if you want that light weight feel type of product but also coverage in the right areas. 

  • Tinted Moisturiser is a very light and sheer version of a Foundation, you will not get much coverage at all but instead a hint of colour. 

  • Foundations vary from very sheer right the way through to full coverage depending I find that this is a product that is very specific to what the person is looking for so you will have to make your own decision and judgement on what type of coverage you are after.

Concealer - This can be optional as you may find your foundation provides enough coverage for blemishes, scarring, uneven skin and under eye dark circles already. Or you may even find that you do not like wearing foundations and would rather have a concealer you can use in certain areas of your face to give the desired coverage required. There are many ways to use a concealer with spot concealing, or under the eyes, around the nose to disguise those areas of redness we all tend to get. You could even get a lighter shade than what you normally would for highlighting the face or a darker shade to use as a contour

Face Powder - I tend to only reach for a powder if you need to set the foundation in place some foundations do not fully dry down they can have a slight tacky feel to them so powdering them in place is key to stop your base from moving around. Powder is also great if you have oily skin and you want to help with the longevity and take away any excess shine. Powder is also great for setting under eye concealer into place but a very very light hand is needed. You can also buy face powders which provide coverage so if you are not a fan of liquid or cream Foundations then a face powder may be for you.

Blusher - I would recommend having a blusher and / or bronzer in your collection as you will find after applying a foundation your face will look flat and slightly lifeless so you want to add some dimension back to your face and definitely put some warmth back into the skin. For dry and mature skins I would definitely recommend a cream blush as these will be more flattering than powders on your complexion and will not cling and emphasis any dry patches.

Highlighting And / Or Contouring - This is completely optional I would say it depends how intense you would like your makeup to look but these products are definitely not an essential for beginners or a basic makeup bag no one likes to look over done during the day.

Eyebrow Pencil - Some women are blessed with beautiful brows with hardly any sparse areas so have no need to pencil them in but for those who have very sparse and thin brows and would like a fuller look then an eyebrow pencil or brow gel are great additions to have in your makeup bag. Having your brows done makes a massive difference to your face it completely frames the look, don't under estimate the power of the brow.

Eyeshadow - Not everyone is an eyeshadow wearer however if you like to experiment I would say invest in an palette with a variety of colours and finishes i.e. mattes and shimmer shadows. Cream eyeshadows are great as an eyeshadow primer or worn by themselves.

Eyeliner - If you would really like your eyes to pop a little grab yourself an eyeliner pencil and run it along the lash line as close to the lashes as you possibly can, you will notice that it brings dimension to the eyes and makes them look more alive. However if you want a more noticeable or dramatic affect you can use gel or liquid eyeliners.

Mascara - A great staple to have in your collection to really make your eyes stand out however if you want a more subtle look you can purchase a clear mascara or even brown which I find looks beautiful and is very underrated. An alternative to wearing mascara altogether if you do not like wearing it would be have a lash tint or lash lift which you can book in with me here via my contact form.

Lipstick / Lipgloss - An optional addition as not everyone likes to wear lip products so I would gauge it by how comfortable you are wearing something on the lips. If you do want to have something in your makeup bag I would recommend a nude and a pink and if you are feeling brave during the autumn and winter months a gorgeous berry.

Eyelashes - Definitely optional but fantastic to use for a special occasion, night out or a wedding.

Eyelash Curlers - Absolutely optional, though curling your lashes will make your eyes appear more awake, wider  and youthful but if you don't have the time or can be bothered to do this daily but would still like gorgeously curled lashes then why not book in for a lash lift with me which can be done via my contact form here.

Makeup Brushes - I would say if you are wanting to apply eyeshadows and powder blushers, bronzers and face powders then makeup brushes are a key part of your makeup bag but if you are not looking to have any powder products in your collection then using your fingers or sponges to apply your makeup is a great alternative.

Setting Spray - Definitely optional but if you struggle to get your makeup to last for more than a few hours then a setting spray is definitely worth investing in.

Did You Find This Post Helpful But Want To Know More?

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Much Love, Nicola x