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Nicola Waters

  1. My Style Of Makeup
    08 Jul, 2018
    My Style Of Makeup
    I initially trained in bridal makeup four years ago and my first thought upon doing a handful of weddings soon after was I didn't want to do weddings! I can only tell you I had come to that conclusion from hearing through the grapevine that weddings were stressful they are manic and you get bridezilla's but the more I did the more I realised this was so far from the truth or I have been very lucky. Being part of helping bridal parties to get ready is very rewarding it is not stressful in the
  2. Should I Have A Makeup Trial For My Wedding?
    09 Feb, 2018
    Should I Have A Makeup Trial For My Wedding?
    Choosing a Makeup Artist to help you look and feel amazing on one of the most important days of your life is a pretty tough decision to make, there are many Artists around but how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Recommendations from friends and family is really important but also looking at Professional websites and social media pages showing how a Makeup Artist present themselves and their portfolios is equally important. You will be able to tell straight away if their style
  3. 5 Makeup Products Is All You Need
    31 Jan, 2018
    5 Makeup Products Is All You Need
    It can be overwhelming when it comes to your makeup bag and how many products you really need to create a classic go to everyday look there are so many products on the market with different claims and "must have" factors that of course it is going to get confusing and leave you wondering what do you really need?!  Before I became a Makeup Artist my personal collection was insane and still is to this day, I got sucked in by beautiful packaging, beautiful looking makeup and claims that this is
  4. Makeup Lessons
    12 Jan, 2018
    Makeup Lessons
    Are You Looking For A Makeup Lesson Tailored To Your Needs? Do you have a natural flare for makeup but would like to pick up some new skills and techniques to add to your current routine or are you new to makeup and barely use it because you are not sure what colours and products suit you or even how to get the best out of them?  Perhaps booking a one to one makeup lesson will be the best investment you have made to learn new skills and to have fun at the same time. The great thing about
  5. Reasons To Book A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day
    30 Dec, 2017
    Reasons To Book A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day
    You are Engaged which is absolutely incredible, Congratulations! So where do you start?  Planning a Wedding is going to be one of the most exciting times of your life, knowing that you will be marrying your true love and setting off on a new adventure together for the rest of your life brings butterflies to my stomach thinking about how romantic it is.  So where do you start? I think the important thing after setting your wedding date is to research and find the suppliers you want to work
  6. Wedding Booking Process And What To Expect
    06 Dec, 2017
    Wedding Booking Process And What To Expect
    So You Want To Book Me As Your Makeup Artist? Hello! I am glad you have found me and started to think about booking me as your Wedding Makeup Artist, if you are unsure what the next steps are then I am here to explain what the process involves. Getting in touch is easy most people contact me through my website contact form here however some people do drop me a message via my Facebook Page which you are more than welcome to do just follow this link here. If you could please let me know your