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Wedding Makeup Berkshire

When it comes to hair and makeup we will generally come up with a plan based on the number of people requiring our services. Believe it nor not makeup for such an important day is not a quick 10 minute application, everyone understandably wants to look and feel the best they can so the time needs to be invested correctly by the professional to deliver the best service possible.

At the time of making your enquiries it would be a good idea to not only discuss how many people will require makeup but also the time you all need to be ready by so you can get an idea of the start time for the day. I usually have the conversation at the trial as well as on email prior to the booking being confirmed so you are aware of how the morning will run and also so you can discuss with your bridal party when they are required to be available to have their makeup done.

On the morning of the wedding I like to arrive 15 minutes before the start time to allow me to set up and have everything prepared, there is nothing worse than seeing an unprepared supplier for one of the most important days of your life. The makeup will tend to start with one of the bridesmaids or mothers, usually one of the mothers, as it then frees them up to help out with any task that needs to be completed during the morning. Each bridesmaid and mother is allotted a 45 minute time slot an then I tend to build in a 5-10 minutes in between so I can re-organise myself and tidy up my work space.

I like to do the brides makeup second to last firstly so you have had plenty of time to eat and relax beforehand but also so your makeup is fresh for when you are ready to leave. I like to give you enough time after the makeup to get into your dress and relax for a while.

Wedding Makeup Berkshire
Wedding Makeup Berkshire

Final touches such as lipstick and touch ups are done at the end so everyone can still keep on having drinks and nibbles and not worry about ruining their makeup.

It is completely your decision how long you like your hair and makeup artist to stay for but I generally leave after the makeup has been completed and the lipstick has been applied to everyone so it gives you some private time with your loved ones and most importantly space. However I will always be available to stay with you until you depart if that is what makes you feel more comfortable.

I hope you found this post useful.

Much Love

Nicola x

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