Trial Makeup vs Wedding Makeup

Makeup Artist Surrey

A trial is a time for us to get to know one another and to discuss how you would normally wear your makeup so I can gauge what you like and what already makes you feel comfortable and confident.

It is the perfect time to try out a makeup look that you might already have in mind or to experiment with a new look if you are unsure of what you would like.

I tend to block out 2 hours for a trial so we can try out a second look if you are not sure of the first or would like to make any changes there and then. Feedback is always welcomed during a trial or even after, for me it is very important that you feel and look like you.


As a makeup artist I want you to radiate confidence and not have to worry about how you will look on your wedding day. After a trial I ask my clients to wear the makeup for the rest of the day and night to see how well it lasts but most importantly to see i you love it or want to make any adjustments.

In short I guess the answer is if you liked the makeup at the trial then yes it will be the same if not much better on your wedding day. But if you wanted any subtle changes or a new look altogether then this is something that can easily be accommodated.

Surrey Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist Surrey

I would rather have a client be absolutely honest with me than worry about hurting my feelings by telling me how they feel, trust me makeup artists do not offend easily as it is our job to ensure you love the makeup.

If it worth noting that not all products suit every one so it would be good to know if something did not last after the trial so adjustments can be made on the wedding day.


I hope you found this post useful.

Much Love

Nicola x

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