How To Get The Best Out Of Your Makeup Trial

Hampshire Makeup Artist

Preparation is going to be key when it comes to your trial, although I never expect a client to know exactly what they would like, doing some research on looks beforehand and getting some ideas together is really helpful then we can gauge what you like.

Pinterest is a fantastic source for images, though you will probably see the same styles come up time and time again, however if you use different search terms you will come across styles that you like. I have a board specifically for bridal so find me on Pinterest and take a look.

Google is going to be another great source as you will probably come across many blogs and websites with styled shoots to view.


Ideally you want your preparation to be in place like it would be for your wedding day such as having a spray tan if this is something you are planning to do before the big day as your makeup will look very different if you are naturally pale but plan on warming up your skin for the wedding.

If skincare is on your to do list and making changes to your current regime then I would suggest starting to make those changes as soon as you start planning your wedding and before you have your trial. It will be very hard for you to envision just how beautiful your makeup will look if your skin is not already in good condition, you definitely do not want to leave it too close to the wedding to make any changes.

Hampshire Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist Hampshire

Moving away from makeup and beauty related tips Makeup Artists love to see pictures of your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and the hair style you are thinking of having so we can tie your overall look together so everything compliments each other so definitely have those details to hand at your trial if you are happy to share them with us.

One last tip I would like to give, which may sound a little bit weird but bear with me, but try and wear a white top to the trial as this will be the most flattering way to view your makeup and see how it is likely to come across on the wedding day.

I hope you found this post useful.

Much Love

Nicola x

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