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Everyone wants to look and feel good about themselves especially when it comes to their wedding that is an absolute given. All eyes are going to be on you and with the amount of photographs being taken from dawn to dusk you are going to feel like a star so let’s get you looking like a star too.

Makeup for your wedding is very different to your day to day, the products used need to be layered in a way that you wouldn’t normally do and in some cases professional products are used which are specifically designed for the day in hand.

Though I fully support brides doing their own makeup if they are absolutely confident in their ability and prefer the way they look than when someone else is doing it I would just be mindful to research the products and techniques being used to create a look that not only lasts but photographs well.

If you would like to experience a stress free morning and enjoy being pampered then booking a makeup artist should certainly be up there when booking your suppliers and planning your big day. It will be an experience like no other and something you need to know that you deserve, it’s not often we get to treat ourselves to a professional doing our makeup so why not make the most of it.

When you book a professional not only will you have someone on hand with the knowledge and experience in the application of the makeup you will also have someone with the experience of wedding mornings and ensuring timelines are met and everything stays on track and in a calm organised environment.

Hampshire Makeup Artist

Whilst looking at websites try and get a feel for the person and see who you instantly get a connection with just from reading what they have written. First impressions always count and sometimes these first impressions are made up from the way a website is written and social media accounts handled.

If you like what you see pop a list of questions together you may have on your mind and send them over to that person and see how they respond, you will be able to tell from the way they speak with you what type of knowledge and experience they have. If they present themselves well you will know you have found an actual professional and not someone who just loves doing makeup.

Makeup Artist Hampshire

Getting someone to take care of your makeup will allow you to enjoy your morning with your loved ones and create memories you can look back on forever, why would you not want to put the responsibility into someone else’s hands who will have you photo ready in no time and leave you feeling and looking breathtakingly beautiful?

If you are unsure where to start I would speak to those around you who may already have experienced using a makeup artist for their own wedding and see if they would recommend them. I would also research people in your area and have a look at their portfolios to see which style of makeup appeals to you the most and sits in line with what you are looking.

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Wedding Makeup Berkshire

It is absolutely normal to feel anxious and nervous when you are entrusting someone else with how you will look on your wedding day but the right person will have you at ease in no time and you will come away feeling amazing and even more excited than before, if that is even possible!

When it comes to the timings on the day this is not your job to worry about this it is for us professionals to organise and to keep on track. We will liaise with you hair stylist to see what their timings are and how we can both fit in together.

Wedding Makeup Berkshire

I do think it is important to consider what means the most to you when making a booking, will it be the pricing that ends up being the deal breaker or if you are not too concerned with the cost does it come down to the persons experience and the brand of products they invest into their kit?

If you feel confident you have found the makeup artist for you get in touch to see if they have your wedding day available and get your trial booked in so you can meet them in person and see for yourself if their style matches what is being portrayed on their website.

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I always prepare a schedule for my clients ahead of the trial so we can discuss start times and how the morning will flow.

Your job on the morning of your wedding is to wake up feeling refreshed and excited, eat some breakfast which is easy to forget due to nerves and excitement and relax. The most important thing is to take it all in and enjoy the preparations as the morning will fly by.

I really look forward to hearing from you and getting you booked in.

Much love

Nicola x

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