5 Minute Makeup Routine


For those who like to wear makeup but are short on time it really is possible to do your makeup in 5 minutes flat it just comes down to being smart about it.

I am going to go with the assumption here that prior to your makeup application you would have cleansed your face and moisturised but if not picking up a gel or cream cleanser to use in the shower is a good way to save a bit of time and then pop on your favourite moisturiser when you have hopped out.

For the most part I like to keep my makeup simple, short and sweet so I thought I would make some recommendations you could adapt into your routine if you have little to no time but would still like to feel put together.

Primer is not an essential so can be skipped though if you feel you need a Primer find a base product that has one built in to the formula already, if you prep your skin correctly with the right moisturiser for your skin type then a Primer shouldn't be absolutely necessary.

The following steps are super quick and easy so let's dive in;

  • For your base if you like a liquid product pick either a BB or CC cream depending on your preference, or use a foundation / powder compact. Work the liquid into your skin using your fingers remembering to bring it down past your jawline onto your neck. If you are not a liquid fan mineral foundations are really quick and easy to buff in with a brush.

  • Grab a concealer for corrections, you may find your base product hasn't fully covered blemishes or dark circles. If you really feel pushed for time you could skip the first step and just use your concealer as a base in areas you would like to perk up and blend with the warmth of your fingers.

  • Next use a cream cheek / lip product which is designed for both, tap the product onto your cheek bones making sure to blend it into the base, then apply a slick of colour to your lips.

  • If you fancy a wash of colour on the eyes grab a cream eyeshadow and blend across the lids with your finger.

  • Pop a couple of coats of mascara on your lashes.

  • If you fancy a little bit of definition on the brows but don't have time to pencil them in a tinted brow gel is perfect, you can get some gels that have fibres in the formula which will add fullness to the brow.

  • If needed, on the t-zone pat and roll a small amount of pressed powder to keep any shine at bay.

And there we go quick and easy! If you feel you need to streamline the routine further just forget the cream eyeshadow and just colour correct your eyelids with a bit of concealer to take away after darkness or visible veins and forget the powder and brow gel and use the concealer for your base instead of a BB or CC cream.

Now you are good to go.

Much Love

Nicola x

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