2019 And 2020 Wedding Bookings Now Being Taken

Nicola Louise - Makeup Artist
Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire And West Sussex

A Bride’s Wedding Day preparations are filled with ritual, tradition and anticipation.

From hair and makeup to stepping into your dream gown every moment is special. ​My sole focus as a Makeup Artist is to make sure you look and feel as breath-takingly beautiful as you deserve.

I understand how important it is to select a Makeup Artist that is right for you. I am approachable and friendly and will do my upmost to ensure that you feel relaxed and at ease.


Bridesmaids - £40.00

Mother/s - £40.00

Additional Bridal Trial (If requested) - £60.00

Please note the initial Bridal Trial is automatically included in the Makeup On The Day price.

I feel it is very important to undertake a Bridal Trial firstly so we can get to know each other, it gives you the chance to see how your makeup lasts and it will give me the chance to see if any adjustments need to be made for the Wedding Day. It is also important we both know the style of Makeup you would like.


Bride - £160.00  Trial Included  (Trial Up To 2 hours home visit)

Bridesmaid - £50.00 

Mother Of The Bride or Groom  - £40.00

12 - 16 Year Old - £30.00

​Flower Girl (Under 12) - £15.00

Strip Lash Supply & Application - £5.00​  (Please request these at the time of booking)

Please note that my minimum booking requirement for Makeup Only is the Bride plus Two Adults during the months of June to September.​​ On occassions I will cater for just the Bride only so please do get in touch as this will be discretionary and on POA.

*For large bookings of Bridal Parties with 6 or more Adults an Assistant Artist will be required for an additional £50.00.



Applicable for Bridal parties of 5 Adults or more including the Bride.

Bride - £150.00 Trial Included (Trial Up To 2 Hours Home Visit)

Bridesmaid - £45.00

Mother Of The Bride or Groom - £35.00

​Strip Lash Supply & Application - £5.00 (Please request at the time of booking)

*For large bookings of Bridal Parties with 6 or more Adults an Assistant Artist will be required for an additional £50.00. 



If you are looking for a one stop solution when it comes to your Hair and Makeup then I am pleased to you offer two services in one with my colleague Debbie Leno at Hair By Debbie

Bride - £110.00

Bridesmaid - £75.00

Mother Of The Bride or Groom - £60.00

Flower Girl (Under 12) - £30.00

We would highly recommend that a Trial is booked alongside the Wedding Day to allow us to meet with one another and also so we can nail your Hair and Makeup requirements for the Wedding Day.

Having a Trial will not only make the Wedding Day less stressful for you and your Bridal Party it will ensure we know what your expectations are.


Bride - £110.00

Bridesmaid - £75.00

Mother Of The Bride or Groom - £60.00

Flower Girl (Under 12) - £30.00

Strip Lash Supply & Application - £5.00 (Please request these at the time of booking)

If your Bridal Party for Makeup and Hair is for 6 Adults or more an Assistant will be required to ensure you are all ready in time, an additional fee of £100.00 will be applicable on the booking.



(2.5 hours home visit)

Optional Additional 30 Minutes Rate - £15.00

If you want your makeup to look amazing on your wedding day but you would prefer to do it youself well you can still achieve the professional look by having a makeup lesson designed specifically for your Wedding.  A lesson is also perfect if you are a Destination Bride.

Bridal Makeup is far more evolved than your everyday makeup, alot more thought has to go in to the products being used and the techniques involved in the application process. ​​

What will happen in the tutorial?
We will design a tailored skincare routine which will ensure your makeup applies seamlessly.

I can provide product recommendations as well as seeing how you can get the best out of your current skincare routine.

We will discuss suitable Makeup products that will not only last during the day and night but will also photograph beautifully. 

There will be a practical where I will show you how to apply the Makeup and then you will apply the Makeup. 

​You will come away nailing a makeup look which you will feel confident to apply yourself.

You will feel confident knowing what products are best used for your Wedding Day and you may even have a shopping list!

You will learn new techniques and application processes you may have never used or come across before.

If you would like to go over more than one makeup look you can book additional time with me which will be chargeable at £15.00 per 30 Minutes, this can either be accommodated at the existing appointment or on another date and time. 


 If you would like to get in touch with me to check availability then you can do so by filling in my Contact Me form here

Please do detail the location where you would like to have your Trial carried out along with where you will be getting ready on your Wedding Day and how many people would like Hair and / Or Makeup.

Bridal Trial

When it comes to your Makeup Only Trial I have automatically included this into my costs above, it is so important for us to meet firstly so we can get to know each other but most importantly so we can discuss the stle of makeup you would like on your big day! It allows me to see which products would be suitable for your skin and for you to see how well they last and if you would like to make any amendments for the Wedding Day.

The Trial is usually scheduled between 6 - 12 weeks before your Wedding however an earlier date can be accommodated. We will run through your current skincare routine and where possible I will make suggestions to get your skin in tip top condition in the run up to your Wedding. 

If any other Bridal Party Members would like a Trial this can be accommodated, sometimes it is nice to know what to expect on the Wedding Day and know the type of look they will be having.


  Making The Booking
Once availability is confirmed if you would like to make a booking with me then I will issue you with an invoice to your chosen email address and a £100 non-refundable retainer fee will be required within 3 working days of the invoice to secure your Wedding Day. The retainer will be deducted off your balance which will not be due until within 3 working days after the Trial has taken place. 


  On The Wedding Day                                               

I will always arrive 15 minutes before I start the Makeup to allow me to set up but to also give you the peace of mind that I will be there to start on time. On the Wedding Day itself you will be treated with a complimentary Estee Lauder Eye Soothing Mask which will help to relax and hydrate any tired eyes, you will also be treated to a NUGG Lip Mask which will really aid in keeping you feeling relaxed and most importantly feeling pampered. 

Your Makeup will be the last that I do on the morning as I like yours to be as fresh as possible before you walk down the aisle, after your makeup is completed you will feel relaxed, radiant and ready to marry the man of your dreams. 

If you would like to find out more about my Booking Process please feel free to read my blog post here.
I am more than happy to travel to where you would like me to be, I cover the first 20 miles from Alton Hampshire Free Of Charge for Makeup Appointments only, for my Beauty Services I cover the first 10 miles. 

Journeys after the first 10 (Beauty) / 20 (Makeup) miles will be charged at 0.45p per mile to and from the location.